diumenge, 27 de gener de 2008

Where can I swim in Csíkszereda?

It's a pity but in Csíkszereda there is a wonderful swimmingpool where you can swim but it belongs to a 3-star hotel, Flamingo. The boss is a mafioso who has a night club and a health center with jacuzzi,sauna, uva sun bath, and a big swimmingpool. But if you want to go you have to pay 30 leis. It means 10 euros!
Then, people who want to swim in winter should cross the county to Harghita and to go to Sfântu-Gheorghe,the capital of Covasna, at 60 km.
because it is much cheaper!
Ok,You arrive at the municipal swimmingpool of Sfântu-Gheorghe and you need a hat to go inside the water.Shit! we don't have Where can I buy?
Well inside the sport center they don't have so, in front of them there is a sport shop but... they don't have this.
We catch the car go to the center at a kind of comercial center and sHIT! The place where they should sell us sport's articles is close. But we ask to a woman and well, there is a shop assistant in a toy store who sells these hats.
It was like to be in the black market in Cuba!
Anyway, to buy a hat is 10 leis, the entrance 10 leis and the gasoil 10 more leis, so it was the same than to go to the mafioso's place!